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Sign up to Aligner TCO Network

My name is Tracie, I'm a qualified TCO. I've been doing the role for the last five years. And previous to this, I was a dental nurse for 23 years. 

I'd like to invite you into our TCO network. It's a forum, a network and a platform where we can all communicate together for nurses and TCOs, where we can share our ideas. 

We have lots of free resources For example, you can watch past webinars, and enter competitions, all for free, the TCO Network is free. We also share our ideas and thoughts, and we can message each other too.

And finally, it's even a place where we can rant if we need to. Sometimes we feel as if we need to reach out, and this is the place to do it. So sign up. It's a great forum for us all to join together. See you on the other side.


P.S. TCOs need some TLC.

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